Born in Dubrovnik , hailing from Bonn ...

At the beginning of the nineties , he was one of the founders and a member of the dance group "Big Blue" in Dubrovnik . After the breakdown of that group he became the artistic leader of the most successful dance group in Dubrovnik named "Labirius''. In 1999. he visits Berlin and ''Love Parade - Music is the Key'' and shortly after that he became more deeply interested in electronic music . Soon he gets the first Dual CD Player Denon DN2000 Mk3 and explore it . With hunger for music , he starts to play at some of the Dubrovniks Clubs . After leaving Croatia he lives in several other European countries and raises experience . In last few years he got into music production . His tracks are regularly on top 100 techno lists of popular music stores . Also manages his own label Fraze Records .Today he likes to play music with Black Gold , loves to play and experiment with different styles of electronic music genres and is not limited , as well as in production .